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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you facing an investment dilemma over the current relatively low GIC rates and concerns about putting your money into the markets?
If you required nursing or home care and didn't want to burden your family with the responsibility of providing it, are you afraid you won't be able to afford an alternative?
Are you worried about having enough retirement income and hesitant to spend your savings meant for your kids (or grand kids)?
Are you getting the most out of your GIC's?
 If you insure your house, car, life and cottage etc., why wouldn't you insure your investments?
Want to help secure the financial future of your very special grandchild but not sure what to do?
Is your RRIF/LIF principal protected against income withdrawals at times of market decline?
Would you like to increase the estate you leave your children (or favourite charity) and decrease your estate taxes?
Did you choose correctly between proportional and “dollar for dollar” guarantee reductions for your fund based RRIF withdrawals?
As a senior, have you thought about why you might need (and/or want) to maintain some life insurance coverage?