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Helping Clients Achieve Financial Success For Over 75 Years.

Founded in Ottawa, Ontario in 1938 by A. E. “Lon” Campbell, MOORE FINANCIAL is now a 3rd generation family owned and operated independent financial planning firm.  

Insurance Planning

When people think about Financial Planning, most people think about and are focused on Investment Planning and/or Retirement Planning and very few give enough attention to proper Insurance Planning.

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Investment Planning

At MOORE FINANCIAL we are professional advisors and what’s different about our Investment Planning approach is that unlike many of our competitors we have a defined investment philosophy and a disciplined investment process.


Retirement Planning

Retirement is a key stage in life that most people are dreaming about long before they get there – however sadly many people never take the time to properly prepare for their retirement.


Estate Planning

Estate Planning is something successful Financial Planning leads up to.  In the early years when clients are starting to save they’re not usually thinking about how to transfer wealth upon death, however...

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Group Benefits & Group Retirement

Employers set-up Group Benefit & Group Retirement plans because they care about their employees and want to look after them and their families.


Executive compensation

When looking after companies’ Group Benefit & Group Retirement plans, MOORE FINANCIAL often uncovers specific needs of key executives, key employees and owners.


Our goal is to help clients achieve financial success based on their own definition of financial success.  We do this by following a 6-step Financial Planning process with clients that helps them see where they are today versus where they want to BE and how we can help them get there.  MOORE FINANCIAL primarily works with people who want to protect their families for today, build wealth for their future and then efficiently maximize the transfer of their hard-earned wealth to the next generation.